About Classes

Zimbabwean-style Marimba music is uniquely accessible to new musicians, young and old. There is no finicky technique or temperamental tuning to master. The large movements engage the whole body in a highly satisfying ‘dance’ with the instrument. While many of us come to this music as adults, there's no better time to start playing than when you're young! (Today's hottest players all began as kids and honed their blazing skills over a few years of study).

Playing in an ensemble provides us the opportunity to be a part of a larger, more complex musical collage than we could create individually. It also helps us to hone our listening skills as we discover how one part interlocks exactly with another. We rely on and support each other in creating a beautiful whole that is much larger than the sum of its parts. Ensemble members develop dexterity, coordination, rhythmic precision, concentration, keen listening skills, and a cooperative spirit.

Classes are composed of 5-10 players and meet weekly. At the beginning level, no prior musical experience is necessary. Instruments are provided at the studio.

We currently offer classes for kids (ages 7-16) and adults/teens (ages 17 and up). Kids’ and beginning-level adult/teen classes are open to everyone. In addition, we have established performance ensembles with enrollment by invitation. For families or groups who like to jam together, we can arrange private classes or workshops according to individual needs and schedules. Please contact us to arrange your session!

Class List

“Hey Heather, Thanks again for doing what you do. What a great night of practice! Looking forward to playing again, (and again, and again :)”
—Violet T., student